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Mazda 1500 / 1800 classic car

Mazda 1500 / 1800 classic car

Mazda 1500 / 1800 classic car

All serious offers considered as this is a relist and it needs to go. We've had a few serious lookers, but the fact of the matter is that it needs quite a bit of engine/brake work and you'd probably want to strip it and do a repaint and rechrome. And that has put people off.So give it a go, make me an offer. It's in Newcastle and will need towing out of the garage and back to your place.Here's the original description"My old university car is up for sale. It needs some work to get it going again, but it was going when I drove it into the garage 5 years ago. I recently tried to start it using a deep cycle battery and there wasn't even a whiff. So I reckon a fuse has gone or the starter motor or both.This machine has been modified:It now has a reconditioned SS 1800 motor in it. The dual Stromberg carburettor for the 1800 is in the boot (see the photo). Without this, it goes fine but starts to stall at about 105km/h because it can't suck enough air in.  I didn't get around to putting it in because you need to move the heater slightly so the dual carby will fit.The car was originally a column shift auto, which I changed for the four speed manual.I switched the front drum brakes for disc brakes.It has a stainless steel exhaust.I put air shocks on the rear, which was great until they sprang a leak so it's sitting on the springs again.I switched out the spinal injury bench seat for Mazda 626 bucket seats. I don't still have the bench.The dash is cracked and needs a re-peel. There are spots of surface rust that have popped up in its time in the garage - I suspect these would be easy to cut back, or just do a full re-spray, which is what it really needs. There are a few minor dings too. There are a couple of rust spots on the metal joins on the doors and the fuel cap.The wiring is pretty bad. The interior lights and the heater did still work a while ago but a full rewire of the box would be a better idea.The driver's side window winder (regulator) is worn and the window can't be wound up. However, I have a spare reg in the boot.The ignition key unit has fallen out of the dash but that's a pretty minor screw in job. All in all it's a great old car and once it's started it will be roadworthy, if a little grungy looking. If you like doing up old cars, then this is a bargain, and a pretty straightforward project ready to go.Please ignore when says I'll post it! I'm in Newcastle NSW.

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