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Ford Falcon Fairmont XC Wagon AC PS Antisun XB XA GT GS

Ford Falcon Fairmont XC Wagon AC PS Antisun XB XA GT GS

Ford Falcon Fairmont XC Wagon AC PS Antisun XB XA GT GS

Ford Fairmont XC 4.1 Litre (250 ci) auto Wagon

 Wheels dont come with it but are for sale

 I bought this as a donor car for another project which has since died

 I started to strip it down but stopped

 I then thought I would restore it but I don't have that much patience or talent

Factory integrated air condition, power steering, complete antisun glass, 55 amp alternator, plus more

 Had a GS dash but it's now gone so still wired for one

 Plenum chamber  is excellent no water comes in the footwells

 Matching numbers, engine used to run well but now nearly seized 

 Pump up shocks, V8 radiator support NO radiator

 Grill near perfect, all mounts intact, no cracks

Seats need recovering but complete, interior missing dash & fascia, glovebox, AC controls 

plus a few other bits & pieces.

 Lets be upfront. She has a lot of rust but repairable

 I have many other pics (40+) 

 Copy & paste link, preferably from a computer to zoom in on pics



or email nperkins at bigpond dot com

 They are detailed pics of descriptions below

 Bonnet needs repairs & has damage to the hinge area

The guards are near perfect with just some minor repair work, looks worse than they are. 

Someone tried to just bog over minor dents in the lower panel & stuffed it up. Didnt even sand back

They DO NOT need rust section just some minor work

The doors are bad but repairable 

 Roof is Good overall but does have some repairs & rust holes where roof rack used to be

Passenger gutter good but driver side rusty.

Windscreen A pillars very rusty.

B & C pillars very good

Hand brake works but the master cylinder is full of water

Electric tailgate window did work when we first got it but not now for some reason. 

I'm sure it will be just corroded connectors 

 The tailgate is rusty but I think it is repairable 

 Bumpers are good, not perfect, but need work & I couldn't find the rear mounts

Roof liner stuffed & even though door cards & arm rests are fair to good they have been recoloured

If I was to part out the stuff would be worth about

The guards, $250+ ea , complete factory AC with ducts, $250+, complete PS $150 

Complete wagon antisun glass $400+ 

GS bonnet, at least $350 even though it needs repairs, good auto $150, pump up shocks $100

Grill & lights $250+ V8/crossflow radiator support $150+ or front end cut $350-$500+

 Then there's all the other bits & pieces, diff, frontend, seats, engine and scrap metal

So if I parted it out I would expect to get somewhere from $1500-$2000 plus 

And I will if it doesn't sell but until then dont ask me to sell bits off it

 Wheels dont come with it but are for sale. Will give buyer first option



Sorry but got ripped off after the last 2 times I allowed people on my property to look at cars

They bought nothing but weeks later I had stuff knocked off, too much of a co-incidence

Look at my rating, nearly 1200 & never had a negative feedback & dont intend to get one

 I will meet the successful bidder in a location near the Western Freeway Ballarat. 

If I have grossly misled then you can walk away from the deal. 

That said it will be yes I'll take it, no I wont. Not a chance to haggle. 

Cash on pick up & I will provide a receipt

Can deliver or meet up to 100km+ for a fee 

but it & the sale price must be paid upfront by bank deposit

  Happy to answer any question 0427334186

As usual advertised elsewhere & may be withdrawn at any time








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