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1997 BMW 318i Sedan

1997 BMW 318i Sedan

1997 BMW 318i Sedan

For Sale I have a 1997 BMW 318i Sedan (RED)The car was my mothers daily driver, but recently for some reason all of a sudden the car would overheat and then one day whilst driving the radiator hose blew out and when we took it too the mechanics they found that some water had ended up in the motor somehow, initial indications were that there was a cracked head gasket but we were told that further investigation was required because it couldn't be determined for-sure if that was the case and therefore could be expensive to further investigate and given the age of the car, unless we were planning on keeping it for a few more years, was probably not worth spending the money for now.The car still starts and runs and can be driven, although we haven't driven it except from the mechanics to home and back a couple of times.Since ownership, the car has been well looked after and always had scheduled servicing.The cars paint is all original but there as signs of scratches and clear cracking now which have occurred over the past year and a dint but overall its still in not bad condition.The interior (seats) are material and are in excellent condition and have had seat covers on for many years which has helped to preserve the seats original condition.The roof lining has come apart unfortunately which seems to be the case in a lot of older cars as has happened to a few of our cars, you will see in the photos attached that we simply used thumb tacks to hold the felt to the liner which has worked.The car has 4 brand new tyres which cost roughly $450, which were put on the day before the motor played up.The rear left shock needs to be replaced as it leaks and is very soft.The Aircon / Heater work but are very temperamental, they decide when they want to work or not and in some case the heater will work on a hot day and the aircon will work on a cold day.This car would suit someone who it mechanically minded and would be looking for a car to tinker with as or someone that is looking for a car with spare parts for their existing BMW 3 Series.Unfortunately the car is unregistered as the rego run out  and we decided not to renew it.I apologise if i have missed anything and will do my best to give you as much information as i can regarding the carPlease see attached photos which form part of the description.If you have any further questions regarding the car please don't hesitate to ask, i will respond to all questions as soon as possible.Winning buyer must make payment within 5 days of the sale unless prior arrangements have been made with me.Thank you

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